"Find What You Love and Let It Kill You. "

I am a 17 year old Leftist Latino male from the East Coast.
I live vicariously through addiction.
I write about anything that comes to mind, as long as It can be read beautifully.
I read anything I get my hands on.
I'm every ounce a Fighter as a Lover, so expect from me what you give to me.
I love Che, not for what he did but what he stood for: standing up for what you believe in.
I'm studying Medicine at a university called UNIBE, in the country of my families origins: the Dominican Republic. Living abroad is every youngster's dream, no?
I love Love and hate to see it suffer.
I have dreams of being a Doctor, Physicist, President, and Writer.
That's the gist of it.

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Destination Moon: The 350-Year History of Lunar Exploration
Infographic by Karl Tate
July 16, 2014  ||  Space.com

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'Dobby is a free elf, and Dobby has come to save Harry Potter and his friends!'

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When I pass a test that everyone else fails


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West Berlin, 1965. Photo by Leonard Freed.


West Berlin, 1965. Photo by Leonard Freed.

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9 human rights tragedies the world needs to stop ignoring

It’s a tragically long list: missing women, ethnic cleansing and spreading diseases. Pick any country — including the United States — and there’s most likely a tragedy you’ll uncover that seriously violates international laws and standards. While unleashing international outrage can sometimes hurt more than it helps, there are some situations where it can make a real impact. 

Here are 9 that deserve more attention | Follow micdotcom 

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Vancouver: Never before have I been in a city that was as able and eager to strike up a conversation.

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